Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crazy Times Update

Well, I got cut. As I said before, these are crazy times. First about my back.

I never had any idea what real physical pain was until last week. The ruptured disc in my back had deteriorated to the point that it was compressing over 50% of the sciatic nerve on my left side. I've always had very high pain tolerance so the fact that I was completely immobillized says a lot. The doctor said he didn't know how I had been functioning for the past two months. The funny part is, on Tuesday afternoon about 2:30 I woke up from a nap and had zero pain. So now I was all freakin' out because it didn't hurt but I was about to let them cut open my back and mess with major nerves. Turns out it was a good thing. Surgery ended up taking twice as long as intended. They found that I had two bone spurs and removed a piece of the disc the size of a quarter, apparently that's really big. Obviously immediately following the procedure I didn't feel too hot. Anesthesia will do that. It seems that it's all out of my system now and I'm feeling pretty good. Here's hoping Ella Grace will wait another couple weeks so I can actually be semi-helpful! Amy has been a wonderful nurse. Putting up with my sorry attitude at times is enough to earn her a couple extra stars in her crown.

As for Amy and Ella Grace, they are doing as well as can be expected. Amy's about ready to pop. I am pretty well convinced that as soon as she stops taking the meds that are keeping the contractions at bay Ella Grace will decide it's time. I'm also still not convinced she isn't further along than the doctors have said. There's really not too much else to report on that end.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for us and taking care of us. We are so blessed to have such incredible family and friends. Please keep praying for us, for Amy to have patience with the belly and for me to do the right things it will take to heal the fastest and most completely. (I'm a little stubborn) Thank you again for your prayers!!!


Three Scobeys said...

We have been praying for both of you and are so glad that the surgery went well. Get lots of rest and recuperate so that you will be ready when that sweet little girl of yours comes! We know that these are stressful times for the both of you...but just know that you are always in our thoughts! We miss you!! Put up some pictures of Amy if you get the chance (I know you're just a LITTLE busy!)

Alli said...

We're so glad to hear that you're recovering well. We love all three of you & will continue to pray for you!

Katie said...

Hey, Chamblee!!

I just came across your blog from Jamey's. Looks like things are getting exciting on your end and your daughter will be here anytime!

Katie Stoneman

njohnsoncltc said...

Dear Amanda, Ryan and Ella Grace ... yes, it's official and sooo exciting that your beautiful daughter has been brought into the world. Congratulations to your family! I can't wait to see your bundle of joy.

Here's praying that Mother, Daughter and Daddy are all doing well. Much love ... Nadine